Saturday, February 9, 2013

Miami Deco

One of the most fun aspects of touring Miami Beach was taking advantage of their bike share program, called Deco Bike, and riding all around the south end of the island, now known as the Deco District.

This area is comprised of lots of small hotels and apartment buildings, mostly built in the 1930's in the moderne or art deco style that was a popular offshoot of Bauhaus design.  In fact, the area this most reminded me of was the district of Tel Aviv that is known as the White City, built by many of the original Bauhaus architects when they had to immigrate from Germany to Israel in the 20's.

The Miami hotels are more playful and colorful, displaying a wide range of pastel tones, and some great signage.  It's become a really vibrant neighborhood, as can be seen in the movies The Birdcage, and, with a lot more violence and blood, Scarface.

I spent a couple of hours riding around and taking photos, and here are some interesting details I saw.

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